Monday, April 1, 2013


             Well it is the last week of the DH (Delayed Harvest). Fly Fisherman everywhere have honed their skills on the DH waters and are warmed up for any adventures to wild streams that may come this summer. For me I am going to spend a little more time on the Watauga River this summer. Might even venture up into the trophy sections out in Tennessee. I am also going to find some time this summer to do the cross country trip that I have been planning on doing for a while time. Hopefully I can put everything together in time to leave in the beginning of June. That should be the perfect time to fish for steelhead up in Ohio and then make it to Wyoming just after the snow melt. As for the fly fishing in NC you better hurry up and make your last run up to the river before its too hot. Also this month is the start of spring bass fever. Whip out your 7 weights and bass rods because the bass should start getting up on their beds in the shallows in a week or two.

            As for Wilson Creek this week, there was about as many fish as their were parking spots. I have seen crowded rivers and streams before but this was ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong, keep the sport alive by all means. I don't mind some competition on the river but I found it hard to get settled into a spot without somebody wading in ten feet beside you and begin flipping over egg flies and #6 stones with a bunch of split shot right next to your #20 dry fly. They wonder why they aren't catching as many fish...... But I don't mind a slightly crowded river. I enjoy the moment when you as a fisherman glance over at each other as you catch fish as to acknowledge that your kind of keeping score as to be in a tournament with a complete stranger.
            It was a good weekend though. Beautiful weather all day and on top of that there were a few good sized fish swimming around. Most of the trout action for me was again at the surface. Tiny green, yellow, and white dry flies where what caught the eye of most of the trout I caught. Their was a little bit of a sulpher hatch but they were small. I would say they were #18-22 sized. I was using yellow and green midge patterns that I tied over the course of last week. Also I was using my little red blood midge fly in a size #20. Midges turn bright red before they hatch and I created a midge pattern that imitates this perfectly by using a #20 grub hook with a black bead, midge sized red stretch tubing and a peacock herl collar. I'll post a picture of it in the process of being tied when I get a chance. If you want some advice on where to go on the river I would go as far up the river as possible. The areas that I found worth fishing where up past the bridge on Edgemont Rd after you make the left and Betsey's Ole Country Store. Go up past the bridge about 200 yards easy and start their working your way up. The harder the spot is to get to the better. That's my policy at least.

Anyway, check back soon for some fly fishing updates. I will be up on Badin Lake next weekend. If you see a guy with a black dog on a red bass-boat fishing on Badin stop by and say hey.

As Always.... TIGHT LINES


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