Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hey Everybody!!

Mike here.... So this weekend was the opening of Turkey Season in NC so I went out with my cousin to film a turkey hunt. Next weekend I'll be back up on Badin Lake seeking out spawning large mouths. I have always heard the old legend that when the Dogwoods start blooming the Bass start spawning. I have lived by this since I first started bass fishing as a young boy and in NC I haven't found a better indicator. Yeah water temp is a better indicator but temps on the lake can fluctuate so much this time of year. A heavy rain can drop the temp heavily this time of year where the days are warm but rains off a cold front can be quite cold. Thats just my little bass fishing knowledge for the day.

Just a little treat for you guys, I wanted to post a video with the new camera I just got. I have been wanting to invest in a new camera for a while now and I finally dropped the cash for it. I can share a lot more fishing wisdom through videos and that is what I plan on doing. So for the first How-To video I want to share something that I am positive can make, break, change, or save a fishing or hunting trip. Just about every outdoorsman has been trying to cut something and had a dull knife that couldn't cut its way out of a wet paper bag. So this is what I did......This video is about how I sharpen my knives. I have tried many ways and many tools to get the best results for different blade types. I have tried Lansky and Smith kits with the guide rods that hold the stone at an angle. I have tried electric machines with carbide blades and I have tried the things you suction cup to your kitchen counter that you drag your knife across to the point where it should slice through a tomato. None of those items works as good as the machine I show you in video #2 or the diamond whetstones from DMT that I use in video #1. So check it out and tell me what you think.

Tight Lines Everybody,

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