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This is a barn owl that I found up in the Pisgah National Forest on the Davidson River. They are a native bird to NC and can be found just about everywhere.

Native to NC this Beaver chewed a small tree beside my while I was knee deep wading around in the Watauga River. He wasn't scared of me one bit, but I can't say the same for myself. I have seen was a beaver bite can do to a finger so i just kept my distance while he had his lunch. 

Badin Lake NC at Sundown in Mid Summer

Red Tail Hawk On a Snowy Day

Me on Wilson Creek Releasing the First Fish of the Day

Wilson Creek

Watuaga River Tenn.

Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek Brown Trout 23" in Length

Male Wood Duck on the Bank of Wilson Creek

Barn on the Watatuga

Red Tail Hawk in a Tree in the Pisgah National Forest

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