Friday, March 22, 2013

Cold Rainy Weekend

Hey Y'all,

So the weather for this weekend is cold, wet, and windy all throughout the state. I have checked just about every forecast my iPhone can pick up and it just doesn't look too good. I usually check every app I can until I find one that shows the best weather possible then I somehow convince myself that it's more creditable then the rest, but this weekend just looks grim. On the upside I have found that trout fishing in the rain can be very productive. One the one side rarely do trout ever bite dry flies in the rain so your best bet is nymphing. Also the water from the rain tends to warm up the rivers and streams as the rain water warms as it runs off into the streams. This slightly warmer water wakes the fish up in my experience and makes nymph fishing great. Trout will often feed off the midges that fail to hatch during the rain.

As for me, I am keeping inside this weekend. Camping in the rain is something that I do when something has gone terribly wrong in my weekend planing. I usually only fish in the rain if the weather is calling for above 45-50 at the low. Right now I am up at my lake house with a bucket full of minnows, loaded boat, my fiancé, and my dog coal hoping and praying for a clear morning to do some crappie fishing. The freezer is getting low and crappie are the filet mignon of the lake. I like to troll on the lake for crappie in my Tracker 175 when I take a weekend off from the stream, which is quite rare.

Well to everyone good luck on the trout streams or wherever your line may lay. For me, I will have to wait until next weekend to strap on the waders and get in the water. If your heading up to Wilson Creek don't forget to check out Betsey's Old Country Store and also look up Pieroway Rod Company up in Canada. Those things are built all by hand and are the only rods I fly fish with. You can't beat them!!

Take it Easy and Tight Lines,

Mike Daniels

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  1. Love all your photographs ! Nice job on the new blog !